• Plastic usage in toys is staggering 90% (plastics-themag.com) and out of this 80% end up in landfills/oceans (ecobirdy.org)

  • Hormone-altering chemicals in 43% of 21 kid's toys made of recycled plastics (IPEN.org)

  • One in three UK parents admits to discarding toys not broken (British Heart Foundation)

  • Producing a kg of virgin plastic releases 2-3kg of CO2, five times more than wood;  causing melting of our glaciers (economist.com)                                   above image credit:  © Matus Bence

  • ZÜLO is a handcrafted wooden toys range of 60 stylized animals and bugs figurine. Handcrafted nature supports poor artisan based craft community locally.

  • Primarily made of assorted scrap/waste wood having no harmful chemicals and negligible carbon footprint, thus fulfilling sustainable production.

  • A calming sensory & tactile user experience. Interchangeable parts having magnets provide multiple joineries, thus intuitively triggering imagination in children and adults alike.

  • In sharp contrast to plastic ones (ending up in landfills and oceans) these toys can be passed on by generations as timeless heirlooms. Spurring socially responsible consumption.      

 Help, save our planet earth.

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